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Windows Longhorn Full UPD Version

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Windows Longhorn Full UPD Version

with longhorn, microsoft has a new vision for the future of windows, where people's computers aren't just for working -- they're for living. longhorn is going to be able to do what no other os on the market can do -- bring entertainment to your living room or office, when you want it.

the new sidebar included a "taskbar" at the bottom of the screen which is also the left-side of the screen, allowing users to easily close programs, move programs from one side of the screen to the other, etc. it also included a new windows icon that looks more like a recycle bin, which could be emptied to free up the space used by programs. overall, the new sidebar was a clean, easy-to-use interface that was far more polished and easier-to-use than the windows 95 ui.

longrun was a reboot to start out work on componentizing the features which may be intended for an actual os release. longhorn was going to be more than just the operating system and its features. it was going to be an entertainment center, built from the ground up around the functionality of the sidebar.

microsoft windows vista ultimate was the first 32-bit operating system to require more than 1 gb of ram. this was necessitated by the inclusion of a second 3d video card, as well as some features required for virtual pc support (including support for the additional graphics cards). longhorn would ship with over 3 gb of ram, which is the largest amount of ram ever shipped in a windows operating system.

microsoft shipped windows 7 home premium at the same time as longhorn, but this is simply a 32-bit version of the windows vista business edition with a few small changes to the product. at the time, microsoft said that windows 7 would be the last 32-bit windows operating system shipped. 3d9ccd7d82

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