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Le Grand Jeu (2015)2015

The Great Game (French: Le Grand Jeu) is a 2015 French political thriller drama film written and directed by Nicolas Pariser. The film stars Melvil Poupaud, André Dussollier and Clémence Poésy. The film premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival in August 2015.[2][3] It won the Prix Louis-Delluc for Best First Film in December 2015.

Le grand jeu (2015)2015

Le Grand Jeu is a 1934 French film directed by Jacques Feyder. It is a romantic drama set against the background of the French Foreign Legion, and the film was an example of poetic realism in the French cinema. The title Le Grand Jeu refers to the practice of reading the cards. Blanche asks whether her client wants the 'full works', the whole story: "Alors... je te fais le grand jeu?"

The film's title, as pointed out in a note in the booklet accompanying this release, could be translated as "the great game" and thus could be taken as referring to the old British notion pertaining to colonialism. But of course it does not. In French colloquial use, playing the great game meant...well, in American '70s slang, perhaps, "going all the way." In current football-watcher American slang, the implication could be along the lines of "go big or go home." In the context of this film, it means Pierre going head on into the destructive/erotic force that has been ever driving him. This makes the film stand out from other French North African-set romances such as Pépé le Moko, where the ostensible exoticism affected the emotional climate. As Ginette Vincendeau implies in her essay on the film in the DVD booklet, Pierre would have chased his doom from pretty much any outpost. What distinguishes Le grand jeu is the droll, unhurried, quietly tragic and poetic way it chronicles Pierre's inexorable march.

Oh my goodness!!! Every one of these sound so amazing! I would treasure this set forever! I am especially loving Voyages Imaginaires Le grand jeu! I adore tuberose and miss the days when I would buy some from the farmers market and look forward to nightfall when the intoxicating scent would fill the room! Thank you for the review and wonderful draw! Im in Colorado USA

The term "the Great Game" was used well before the 19th century and was associated with games of risk, such as cards and dice. The French equivalent Le grand jeu dates back to at least 1585 and is associated with meanings of risk, chance and deception.[13] 041b061a72

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