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Arif Sag Erdal Erzincan Baglama Metodu Rar


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Arif Sag Erdal Erzincan Baglama Metodu Rar: A Comprehensive Guide to Learn Turkish Folk Music

If you are interested in learning how to play the baÄlama, a traditional Turkish stringed instrument, you might have heard of Arif Sag Erdal Erzincan Baglama Metodu Rar. This is a popular method book that teaches you the basics of baÄlama playing, from tuning and holding the instrument to playing various scales and modes. In this article, we will give you an overview of what this method book contains, how to use it, and where to find it online.

What is Arif Sag Erdal Erzincan Baglama Metodu Rar

Arif Sag Erdal Erzincan Baglama Metodu Rar is a method book for baÄlama players that was written by two renowned Turkish folk musicians: Arif SaÄ and Erdal Erzincan. Arif SaÄ is a veteran baÄlama master who has been performing and teaching for over 50 years. He is also a composer, producer, and politician who has contributed to the preservation and promotion of Turkish folk music. Erdal Erzincan is a younger baÄlama virtuoso who has collaborated with many famous artists, such as Kayhan Kalhor, Aynur DoÄan, and Äsmail Ãzden. He is also a teacher and a researcher who has studied the history and theory of Turkish folk music.

The method book consists of two parts: the first part covers the tezeneli icra tekniÄi (the technique of playing with picks), which is the most common way of playing the baÄlama. The second part covers the Åelpe tekniÄi (the technique of playing with fingers), which is a more advanced and expressive way of playing the baÄlama. The book contains exercises, examples, and songs that illustrate the different aspects of baÄlama playing, such as tuning systems, finger positions, picking patterns, scales, modes, ornaments, rhythms, and forms. The book also comes with a CD that contains audio recordings of all the exercises and songs in the book.

How to use Arif Sag Erdal Erzincan Baglama Metodu Rar

To use Arif Sag Erdal Erzincan Baglama Metodu Rar effectively, you need to have a baÄlama that is suitable for your level and style. There are different types and sizes of baÄlamas, such as cura, tambura, divan, bozuk, etc. You also need to have picks (tezenes) or finger picks (yumuÅak tezenes) depending on which technique you want to learn. You can find these accessories at any music store that sells Turkish instruments.

Once you have your baÄlama ready, you can start with the first part of the book that teaches you the tezeneli icra tekniÄi. You should follow the instructions carefully and practice each exercise until you master it. You can also listen to the CD to hear how each exercise should sound like. You should pay attention to the tuning system (dÃzen), which determines how you tune your baÄlama strings. There are different tuning systems for different regions and styles of Turkish folk music, such as bozuk dÃzen (A-G-D), kara dÃzen (G-D-A), mÃstezat dÃzen (E-A-D), etc. You should learn how to tune your baÄlama according to the tuning system that is used in each exercise or song.

After you finish the first part of the book, you can move on to the second part that teaches you the Åelpe tekniÄi. This technique requires more skill and practice than the tezeneli icra tekniÄi, as you need to use your fingers instead of picks to pluck the strings. You also need to learn how to use your thumb (baÅparmak) and index finger (iÅaret parmaÄÄ) to play melodies on the melody strings (teller), while using your middle finger (orta parmak) and ring finger (yÃzÃk parmak) to play accompaniment on the drone strings (burgular). You should practice each exercise slowly and accurately 9160f4acd4

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