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Chapter 34

Some short programs are included at the end of this chapter (Section 34.22) to show how to write programs that use libpq. There are also several complete examples of libpq applications in the directory src/test/examples in the source code distribution.

Chapter 34

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This document was downloaded from Lit2Go, a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format published by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. For more information, including classroom activities, readability data, and original sources, please visit -adventures-of-tom-sawyer/5463/chapter-34/.

Flow control is one of the most fundamental concepts taught to beginning programmers. Branching and looping are such basic concepts that it can be daunting to write software for a platform that supports them in a limited manner. The latest GPUs support vertex and fragment program branching in multiple forms, but their highly parallel nature requires care in how they are used. This chapter surveys some of the limitations of branching on current GPUs and describes a variety of techniques for iteration and decision making in GPGPU programs.

(1) Except where a medical officer derives remuneration or other benefit from such assistance, medical care may be provided, in addition to those situations prescribed in this chapter, by a medical officer to any person, whether on or off a defence establishment, in any emergency situation when such action may be life saving, reduce the degree of injury or relieve emotional pain and suffering.

(1) Any charge that in this chapter is required to be made for medical care provided by a Canadian Forces medical facility shall, subject to paragraph (5), be levied against an individual or agency, or both, at the rates prescribed in this article.

(5) The Minister may waive any charge that by this chapter is required to be made for medical care where, in his opinion, the imposition of that charge would constitute an undue hardship on the person responsible for payment. 041b061a72

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