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Heartland - Season 3

Netflixers around the world began the year with the unexpected removal of some of the earlier seasons of the beloved series, Heartland. Seasons 1-6 of Heartland have been removed from Netflix in many regions including the United Kingdom and Australia.

Heartland - Season 3

With that said, the rights to a show like Heartland are always up in the air. We have seen early seasons depart in the US before. Back in 2019 seasons 1-3 were removed from Netflix US before eventually being added back weeks later.

This is going to be frustrating for many given having the show fragmented among different streaming services is inconvenient and expensive. With any luck, Netflix will manage to secure shared licensing of the early seasons but how likely this will happen is unknown.

Finally a hunting show the whole family will enjoy. Share camp with the HB crew as they take to the field for another season chasing antelope, mule deer, bear, elk, turkey, and whitetail deer across the Midwest. The Heartland Bowhunter crew does it again bringing you as close as you can get to the outdoors while still sitting on the couch with stunning HD video. Join the team through their ups and downs as they travel down that "wicked twisted road."

The crew is planting fall foodplots, glassing velvet whitetails, and monitoring Reconyx cameras before the season opens. Meanwhile Dusty was lucky enough to draw an early reservation tag in Eastern Nebraska. Season opened September 5th leaving dusty a few days to go after velvet bucks!

Among its other original series, Netflix will debut the second season of Narcos and the fifth season of Longmire on Sept. 2 and Sept. 23, respectively. Meanwhile, its movie slate will add classics from the '70s and '80s, including Jaws, Footloose and Top Gun, among other titles. 041b061a72

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